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My Favourite Label Yet


Me and Teddy share a fire

Sara reminds me that I say this every time, but this is my favourite Silly Sir design yet. I wanted to create something that was intimate and captured the spirit of Christmas. The vectors are small but the negative space creates a sense of stillness.

The Silly Sir packaging is admittedly further ahead than the consistency of the beers, and I am very proud of the designs so far. Without Sara to execute my vision, and offer her impressive design insights, the Silly Sir brand wouldn't be as established as it already is.

This is the original sketch before Sara made it awesome:

It's actually pretty close to the final design...

It's actually pretty close to the final design...

The actual bottle doesn't have the neck emblem as it would have been far too costly to print. The price for 50 labels was just over $30 at The Printing House. To get the neck printed would have been an additional $70 because they'd have to custom cut the shape, as well as print it, which just isn't worth it, at this scale of production.

If you're a friend or relative, chances are you'll get a chance to sample this Cranberry-Tart Stout. Let me know what you think so that I can improve it in future iterations.

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