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The Great Estibrew Challenge


nounestibrew; plural noun: estibrews
a type of beer brewed partially or entirely through human-sensory estimation.

verb: estibrew
past tense: estibrewed; present participle: estibrewing
to make (beer) using varying degrees of human-sensory estimation.

Folks and friends, first time readers and foes,

Have you ever wondered whether you had the brewing chops to brew a competent beer based purely on estimating each end every variable by feel alone? I'm talkin' grain bill, water chemistry, hop additions, water volumes, water temperatures, the lot? Read more

September 25, 2019 - Comments Off on For the love of God – DON’T contract brew! Actually, you should. No you shouldn’t. But yes, it’s fun! No, it’s brutal…

For the love of God – DON’T contract brew! Actually, you should. No you shouldn’t. But yes, it’s fun! No, it’s brutal…

I write this post with mixed feelings. Can you tell? I'm pretty confident that this post will get a few views, if only because I believe there are many who have at the very least "thought about it" (contract brewing) as a means of getting their feet wet in the brewing world.

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June 19, 2019 - Comments Off on Spicy Shrimp Sambal: Cooking With Momma Yong

Spicy Shrimp Sambal: Cooking With Momma Yong

We are all so very lucky.


Well, you know how some of your friends or family have that mom? Y' know, the one who cooks an amazing [insert dish name here] but who can't or won't share their recipe and/or techniques with the world? It's the type of recipe they've cooked hundreds of times to much fanfare, but whose secrets are accessible only to them. It's the type of dish made by muscle memory. A dish that warms your soul (and belly!).

This is that dish. Read more

March 22, 2019 - 2 comments

There and Back Again: a New Zealand Cycling Tale in Search of Great Hops

In January I set forth with my partner Sara on an epic 6-week cycling trip across Middle Earth, and while we sampled some tasty beer, our trip was admittedly less about "hoppy drank" and more about escaping the depressive horror of a bone-chilling Canadian winter. Oh, that and finding Hobbit meat. They were not home.

"Where is all the Hobbit meat?", wondered Sara.

Fortunately, before returning home we did manage to score a kilogram worth of New Zealand's highly regarded and sought after Riwaka hops - a hop variety that's currently unavailable in North America (unless you're exceedingly well-connected).

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August 3, 2018 - Comments Off on Event Recap: Toronto Festival Of Beer 2018

Event Recap: Toronto Festival Of Beer 2018

What is TFOB?! Only Toronto's biggest beer festival of the year! With over 400+ beers to try, no wonder that you've got 4 whole days of beerfuelled concert rocking.

Won't lie, I was nervous, anxious, yet so excited for this event. It's the largest event for Silly Sir yet, and did not disappoint! Here were our highlights!

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July 4, 2018 - 1 comment.

Our Homebrew Con 2018 Recap (…And Why You Should Attend Next Year)

Homebrew Con is an annual homebrewer's conference and celebration organized by the American Homebrewers Association. The event takes place every June and is perhaps best described as a sort of "homebrewer's Mecca" to where thousands of devotees and clubs from across the world (but mostly the United States) travel for three glorious days under the banner of delicious homebrew. The purpose: learning, drinking, and celebrating all things beer and homebrew.

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May 22, 2018 - Comments Off on Event Recap: Spring Beerfest 2018

Event Recap: Spring Beerfest 2018

Silly Sir makes a debut at its first festival! Spring Beerfest TO by Toronto's Festival of Beer was the perfect event to kick off our summer festival season. The 2-day festival at Fort York Garrison Common, over the May long weekend hosted over 18 breweries and cideries plus a handful of food trucks, vendors, and games. We were lucky enough to be one of them.

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February 19, 2018 - Comments Off on Event Recap: Easy Tiger Launch Party

Event Recap: Easy Tiger Launch Party

Our hearts overflow with warmth from all the support on display at our official product launch party on Saturday, Feb. 17, at The Granite Brewery. We chatted, laughed, awkward-paused, and enjoyed everybody's company as we celebrated the launch of Easy Tiger after tons of tedious, behind the scenes hard work and dedication.

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