Silly Sir Proudly Presents...

Coming soon to an LCBO near you.

MAY 26, 2019

Easy Tiger Lemongrass Ale

Inspired by the flavours of Southeast Asia, Easy Tiger pours a pale apricot colour with a thick foamy head. Noble German hops complement the fresh lemongrass aromas leading to a medium-dry and refreshing finish. Yes, there's a lot of lemongrass going on in this beer and yes, you're going to love it. 

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Sun Bear Blonde with Tea & Honey

Sun Bear is our latest release. We brewed it with honey and honey malts which we feel complement our black tea blends quite beautifully. We then gently dry-hop with Cascade and Amarillo to add a subtle citrusy zip. It's delicious and decidedly silly. Oh, and it's a limited summer release, so get it before it goes back into hibernation. 


Where to find beer

We currently sell at select LCBO stores in Ontario. Track down stores currently carrying our beer on the LCBO product page...

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