January 22, 2016 - Comments Off on Introducing Silly Sir’s Spiced Ginger Saison

Introducing Silly Sir’s Spiced Ginger Saison

Very sketchy...

Very sketchy...

It is ready: Silly Sir's first saison!

Saison beers are typically consumed during the summer, and are usually: highly carbonated; moderately high in alcohol; light to moderate in colour and bitterness; and full of beautiful esters that impart distinctive notes of banana, cloves, and spice. If this sounds like it's your jam,  contact me and I'll let you test one in exchange for critical feedback. The distinctive aromas of this beer form due to the warm temperatures required for optimal fermentation by this particular strain of yeast. This beer fermented at around 88F for about a month which is a much higher fermentation temperature than most yeast strains are used to.

For the labels, I wanted to create something that was both humourous, and to the point. I'm not a huge fan of putting puns in beer labels or names and because Punland was the only place my mind would go, this beer's name ended up being completely descriptive.

The Akubra hat is a subtle nod to my friend John Tyler who provided me with his recipe and was wearing one when I first met him. This beer is 7.4% ABV, and yet has 0% soul... Because it's a ginger beer. And gingers have no souls. As always, my kick-ass girlfriend executed the labels to perfection. She runs Sara Knits Co., an online Etsy shop for high-quality hand knitted goods, and she's always taking requests. You can also shoot me (or her) a message if you want to commission her to design you a label. She's insanely talented.

What are your thoughts on punny labels? Do they work? Are they over done? What are some of your favourites?

Until next time, stay silly,

- Matti


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